NCC 7" Bi-LED-Hauptscheinwerfer 2. Generation, Paar

Item number: SL-NC-7ZG2-AFTP-P

The resilient and proven Nolden NCC 7" Bi-LED-Main Headlight 2nd Generation with optical fiber technology.
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The innovatiove and resilient Nolden 7" Bi-LED Main Headlight 2nd generation. It has four light functions included: headlight, beam light, daylight-running-light and position light. The DRL and the position light are in appealing optical fibre technology.

The lifetime of the light is 30.000 hours minimum. It has proven its robustness in an 480h salt-water spray test.

Its high power LEDs guarantee a very homgeneous and far-reaching light. That's an important safety plus. It can be used in many cars, already fittet with 7" lights, due to its standard PAR56 mounting scheme. It can be used in a pug-and-play fashion, due to its standard H4 connector and integrated ECU. The DRL and position lamp need to be connected separately via teh Superseal connector. An manual is included.

When the headlight is switched on, the DRL is dimmed automatically to posiiton light brightness, as required within the EU.

The 7" Bi-LED Main Headlight is available LHD and RHD and in three color finishes: Chrome, Black-Chrome and Dark-Black.
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Diameter: 7"
Form: rund
Lichttechnische Funktion: Abblendlicht Fernscheinwerfer Tagfahrleuchte Positionsleuchte
Technologie: LED
Protection Class: IP6K9K
Mounting: Standardgröße
Voltage: 12V/24V
Shipping weight: 1,03 Kg
Product weight: 1,03 Kg
Zulassung: ECE
Temperaturbereich: -40° bis 80° Celsius
Material Gehäuse: Aluminium Druckguss
Material Abschlussscheibe: Gehärtetes Polycarbonat
Stecker: Abblendlicht und Fernscheinwerfer: H4
Positions- und Tagfahrleuchte: AMP-Superseal
Leistung bei 12V (W): Abblenndscheinwerfer: 23W
Fernscheinwerfer: 30,5W
Tagfahrleuchte: 7,9W
Positionsleuchte: 0,9W
Anzahl LED: 7
LED-Typ: Osram
Leitung: FLRY
Kabellänge: 200mm
Leitungsquerschnitt: 0,75mm2