Balmar SG205 Battery Monitoring System with a Bluetooth Gateway

Item number: SL-BA-SG205

HAN: 755020500

Scalable, self-learning battery monitoring for up to three batteries and additional displays. Includes state of health (SOH) monitoring.
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Would you start your adventure without a fuel gauge? This battery monitoring system is the fuel gauge for your battery or battery bank.

This system includes a state of health (SOH) monitoring function. This shows the aging of the battery. This allows you to better understand the state of charge depending on the age of the battery. That gives you the opportunity to exchange the battery before it fails.

The Balmar battery monitoring system offers some very clever functions and it is scalable. The basic version can monitor up to three batteries (1 x full monitoring for a single battery or a bank of batteries up to 48 volt, 2 x voltage) and display its data on one ore more cascading OLED-displays. With additional shunts more batterys can be fully monitored.

The Balmar SG205 is based on the Balmar SG200 and offers a Bluetooth interface for smartphones and tablets to use the Balmar App for monitoring instead of a display.

The monitoring is based on a shunt, a proven technology which can monitor currents of 15 A and beyond. The SG205 can monitor up to 350 A permanently and up to 600 A peaks. The intelligent system can be tuned to the particular battery technologies (like Lead-Acid, AGM, LiFePO4, etc.) and works form 12 to 48 V. It uses battery profiles, established in thousands of testings, to learn your battery parameters over time to get more and more accurate.

The system monitors and displays the following important battery parameters:

  • SoC% - State of Charge with 97% accuracy due to self-learning mechanisms.
  • SoH% - Battery aging (Capacity loss over time) of the battery, self-learning.Current - Charge and discharge current in real-time.
  • Voltage – Voltage level of all monitored batteries.
  • Remaining time – The remaininbg time until discharge or until fill charge (while charging). The calculation includes the Peukert coefficient (Rate-Capacity-Effekt) and the real capacity of the battery due to its aging (SOH).

For the two additional batteries the voltage is shown.

Configurable OLEDDisplay with selectable color schemes The OLED display can be switched to match the vehicles color scheme and it still can be read even if the ambient loight is very bright. It fits into a standard 2 1/16“ or 52 mm mount.

The Balmar SG205 can be coupled with Balmar car or boat alternators.

The set includes the shunt, a Bluetooth gateway and the cabling.

The SG205 is also available with only a display instead (SG200) or with a display and a Bluetooth gatway (SG210).

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